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Days with Dad
Football season is here! While you’re waiting for Sunday, spend a day at Zoo Knoxville with the kids. Continue your journey at Zoo Knoxville by visiting our giraffes, birds, gorillas, and more. Enjoy the cooler weather as fall takes over, the leaves are changing, and animals are adjusting to the new weather.
Call of the Wild
If you’re visiting the Gatlinburg area, add Zoo Knoxville to your adventurous itinerary. Leaves are changing all around us! Can you spot the tigers now? What about the red pandas? And those black bears you’ve seen out in the wild, you can see up close here. Learn about our conservation efforts!
an award-winning destination
Zoo Knoxville is named the top Children's Attraction and Children's Party Destination in Knoxville by CityView Magazine.
the safari breakdown
asian trek
Enter into the wild, surrounded by endangered tigers, primates and cranes in this mysterious and surprising experience. With elements of adventure for guests and animal residents alike, Boyd Family Asian Trek will bridge the gap between curiosity and conservation.
grasslands africa
Go on safari to see some of Africa’s most iconic animals. See majestic African elephants enjoying their enrichment treats, or get eye-to-eye with the zoo’s rhino herd. Giraffe and zebra also roam together in Grasslands Africa.
amphibian and Reptile conservation campus
Regardless of the fall and winter temperatures, it’s always tropical in the ARC!  Explore a steamy swamp where the crocodiles swim, wonder at the beauty of some of the world’s deadliest creatures, and enter a lush greenhouse to watch our animal experts at work caring for endangered turtles and tortoises.
Below 55°F
Varying weather patterns determine how keepers interact with the animals to keep them healthy and happy. Factors such as the animal’s age, wind temperature, and more will determine how long certain animals will be outside.
Below 40°F
Rhinos and most primates will not be outside when temperatures drop this low. Plan on using our indoor viewing areas to interact with the animals.

Severe Cold
We want to note that on days of severe cold weather, even species who can typically handle cold weather will have access to their heated indoor spaces.

visit the premiere zoological experience in the southeast
Committed to sharing wildly fun experiences that educate and inspire, we feature acres of creative habitats for animal lovers of all ages.
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